Setting up a herb garden using pallets

A fresh herb garden can provide your whole family with a unique food experience plus can also be a fun project that everyone can get involved in and stay involved in as the seasons (or your taste buds) evolve. Growing your herb garden is easy with a few old pieces of pallets, plus a little […]

How to create a real pallet feature wall

If you have an abundance of timber pallets hanging around your house after a DIY project it can be a pain to find ways to get rid of them – but what about using them to create a cool pallet feature wall for your home! At Toolmates, we’re always looking for clever ways repurpose leftover […]

bathroom storage

Make your own diy pallet bathroom storage

Do you love diy, but not love the look of dirty clothes and linen covering the bathroom floor? Say hello to this swanky pallet bathroom storage vessel! This lidded wooded container is perfect for your bathroom. Not only does it not take up much space, but it fits in with any wetroom, both modern and the […]


How to make your own diy wooden doormat

Love diy and looking for a new project to add to the aura of your house? Have a go at making this brilliant looking diy wooden doormat! This project takes no more than a couple of hours. It’s as easy as they come, and can work great for any house. Maybe you can give it […]

wood planter

How to make a diy wood pallet planter

After a unique, low cost backyard accessory that you can make yourself? Look no further than this wooden pallet planter! It’s never a bad idea to introduce a little more greenery or plant life into your backyard, and this planter is a cute way to add some character to a lacking backyard. Best of all, […]

coffee table

How to make a diy pallet coffee table

These days, you see a coffee table in almost every house in the country. They’re a brilliant focus point of a space, both inside and outside. Creating your own coffee table can provide you with both a cheap and charismatic addition to a room or area of your house, and can give you a feature […]

How to make your own diy pallet wine rack

Whether you are a big wine drinker or not, a wine rack is always a great accessory to have. Whether it’s full of vintage selections sourced from your own wine prowess, or includes just a few favourites from your local liquor store, a wine rack is a classy and stylish apparatus to have around the […]

storage bench

How to make a diy outdoor storage bench

Don’t have the fortune of a lot of outdoor space? Maybe your entertaining area is a bit of a mess? Or maybe you just love diy! Why not build your own outdoor storage bench with ToolMates Hire! Step 1: Build the base Whether you do it yourself or at the hardware store, you need to […]

terracotta fountain

How to build a diy terracotta fountain

Have you always wanted a terracotta fountain, but haven’t been able to stomach spending the exorbitant asking prices? Perhaps you want something with more character than a store bought fountain? Build your own with ToolMates Hire! Instead of spending roughly $300-$400 on the same kind of fountain all your friends have in their backyards, spend […]


How to make DIY outdoor umbrella lighting

Most of us have a love for outdoor entertaining. While it can be easy to entertain during the day, entertaining at night can be problematic if you don’t have the right lighting available. With outdoor areas, not everyone can have a custom-built pergola to provide shade and lighting solutions, and in many cases, something removable […]