10 tips to grow your audience on ToolMates

Whether you are a small hiring business or a large company, ToolMates Hire can help you effectively manage your assets and increase your business’s exposure. Here are 10 tips.


  1.  Before your start marketing your assets, select an outstanding profile photo, usually company’s logo. This is how people will come to recognise you on ToolMates. In addition, make sure you complete the Edit profile section.
  2. Add addresses to your Address book to show your customers where to find you. The address(es) will be displayed on the maps on your profile.
  3. Add your email address which you use on PayPal in the Financial info section. This is important if you wish to transact through the ToolMates online platform.


  1. Upload as many assets as possible, at least 3. Make sure your titles, photos and descriptions are unique and interesting so that they spark conversions.
  2. Be search engine friendly by adding asset name, location and the word “hire” to the title and description.
  3. Answer the Questions from your customers quickly, the same day if possible. ToolMates allows your customers to ask you questions before purchasing your items. Make sure your answer is quick and relevant.
  4. Go to Promotions and offer special offers. Convert visitors to your website into customers at your business with vouchers, gift cards and special discounts.


  1. Spread the word about your ToolMates profile by sharing your page to your email contacts and by posting a link to your social media pages and on relevant blogs, websites and other destinations that can be found on the web.
  2. Promote your assets on the relevant categories as “Featured” or on the Home page or banner on Home Page
  3. Create a campaign to get new customers. Include the ToolMates logo in your offline media or create an online campaign promoting your page.

Remember at each stage our dedicated account manager can help you out with managing your account including uploading equipment and troubleshooting any issues you encounter.

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