5 Must-Have Tools

Wondering which 5 tradetools, garden, and handyman tools you should definitely have in your toolbox?

After scouring DIY blogs, Pinterest, and even getting some answers from a handyman himself, here is the ultimate list of the 5 must have tools and their uses. These are the best tools for DIY projects, home improvement, and woodworking.

Bosch seems to think that the list of 5 most necessary tools includes a cordless sabre saw, a cordless drill/impact driver, a cordless combis, a cordless angle grinder, and a cordless circular saw. A cordless combis makes our list as well as a cordless or corded circular saw.

Circular saw:

Although circular saws most of the time require a saw horse, sawing table, or additional equipment to get the job done, they are a key part of the toolbox. They produce a straight line (especially when you use a saw guide) and are more convenient, less expensive, and take up less space when in use compared to a drop saw or table saw.

Additionally, circular saws are able to make internal, or hole cuts. Whereas a table saw, jigsaw, or a recirpo saw work better starting from an existing edge compared to creating an internal edge.

If you don’t have a circular saw, and haven’t considered renting a circular saw yet, other types of electric saws are equally important to getting woodworking and handyman tasks done right. Handyman Markus includes an electric in his list of his top 5 most used tools.

Marcus' list of 5 handyman tools for woodworking
Marcus’ list of 5 handyman tools for woodworking

Cordless drill:

On its own, the drill is practically useless. BUT, with the right arsenal of bits, the impact driver/corded or cordless drill/combis takes 1st place as the most versatile tool. This handy list of drill bits and their uses will give you a sense of what types of bits are out there and what tasks they can help you complete.

Awesome unconventional uses for a drill: We tried using a drill with a coring bit to carve a pumpkin on Halloween, and we have even seen a drill be affixed with a scrubber head to make the ultimate cleaning tool.

This next tool makes the list because, if you have the need for it, it gives you the most bang for your buck. And when you rent one instead of buying, it can be of even greater value.

Lawn mower:

Remember when your parents used to give you $5 for mowing the lawn when you were a kid? Lawn mowers can be a useful tool for all types people; a kid, a handyman, a landscaper, and a homeowner. As a gardening tool, the lawn mower proves more effective than a whipper snipper or a hedge trimmer, since with those tools, you can easily get the job done with a non power tool. But just imagine trimming your lawn with scissors…or even an old school powerless mower. 

The last two tools on this top 5 list of most useful tools aren’t power tools at all.


It isn’t just something Thor uses; the hammer is a basic yet crucial tool necessary for many DIY home improvement projects.


Handyman Marcus names a pencil as 1 of the 5 tools he uses most frequently. You might think that every marking tool, from wax pencil to sharpie, is the same but this forum is all about the best pencil for woodworkers to use.


What would you add to this list? Whatever it is, rent it and get your DIY project done today.

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