Advantages of hiring over buying for your DIY projects

When it comes to your home DIY and maintenance projects, you can save heaps by doing it yourself, but what about those expensive tools that you need to carry out the DIY? That’s what can really cost the big bucks, but is there another way?

The simple answer is yes! These days you don’t need to buy all those expensive power tools and manual tools, hiring within in your local areas is fast becoming the way of the future in a society that is keen to minimise and worry less about buying expensive items that spend most of their lives laying around unused.

If you’re tossing up between buying or hiring items for your DIY projects, here are a few benefits of taking the cheaper route, which might want to consider before you pull out your cash.

From small projects to massive home renovations, you can enjoy a whole range of benefits from hiring your equipment. Here are a few advantages:

Cost effective way to use tools

Well, this one is a no-brainer. If you’re not having to lay out hundreds and sometimes thousands for equipment you are going to save costs. Not to mention the need to cover repairs, maintenance and upkeep of tools – hiring will save you serious dollars and if the tool is damaged or doesn’t work you simply go and hire one that does (simple!).

Quick and easy to hire items

Often by the time you figure out you need a tool or item for your DIY you are elbow deep in the project, and it’s not convenient to head out to the hardware store or order the item online and wait for it to arrive – you want it now, and you don’t want to wait. By hiring an item for your DIY project you can have it quickly and at a time that suits you. Plus you have the added bonus of not having to pay big bucks for the item.

Get the latest model

When you’re buying tools, in particular, there is always a later and greater model just as soon as you have bought the item it seems, which means your model is quickly obsolete. By hiring items for your DIY you’ll be able to get the best model without having to shell out the money for it. Access the latest equipment and upgrade every time you hire your item.

Trial the equipment before you buy it

Often it can be a challenge to know if you really need an item, but when it comes to tools there is rarely the option of trying before you buy. When you hire tools for DIY projects you get the option of trying the tool, sussing out whether it is in fact needed and then if so you can buy it down the track.

Expert guidance for using an item

When you are purchasing a tool at a local hardware store the salesman is really keen for the sale and yet is not always open to showing you how to use it properly and handing out valuable information on the best options for use. When you hire an item, the person providing you with the tool can show you how to use it safely and provide tricks and tips for getting the best results out of your project.


Websites such as take the hassle out of buying tools by providing the perfect hiring option for lovers of DIY.

Whether you’re looking to save a bit of cash or you love the idea of taking part in a community of like-minded DIY aficionados who are looking to ensure their tools get used regularly, makes DIY easy. List your items on the website to hire out to locals in your area looking for tools, or hire tools yourself at affordable set fees.

Perfect for hiring tools for the occasional use or to test out tools that you may only need in a blue moon, is fast becoming the go-to for home owners looking to do a little DIY without having to shell out lots of money for expensive tools.

Jump online and explore today and find out how you can list your items or hire for your next project.

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