Make your own diy pallet bathroom storage

bathroom storage

Do you love diy, but not love the look of dirty clothes and linen covering the bathroom floor? Say hello to this swanky pallet bathroom storage vessel!

This lidded wooded container is perfect for your bathroom. Not only does it not take up much space, but it fits in with any wetroom, both modern and the more old fashioned.

Heck, it doesn’t have to even be used for your restroom. This stylish storage unit can be used almost anywhere around the house.


4x wooden pallets

Caster wheels (optional)





Square brackets


Abrasive paper





Paint brush


Step 1: Prepare your pallets

The first step is to dismantle the pallets. You can either use a hammer and a chisel, which will help remove the nails, or you can use a saw, which will take less time, but leave the nails in the pallets. You will need 8 pieces of 80cm in the pallet planks, which you will need to cut 40x 40cm pieces and 2x 33 cm pieces. Before working with your pallets, you will also need to polish them.

bathroom storage

Step 2: Assembling the sides and back

We are going to start by assembling the two sides and the rear of the of the storage. Leave 1.5 cms in space between the top of the sides. Then place eight 40cm slats well spaced out onto an 80cm slat, then fix them on with nails, as shown

bathroom storage

Step 3: Assembling the front and inner side

For the front, you will need 5 slats of 40cms and 2 slats of 80cms. For the inner side, you will need 2 slat of 40cms, and 2 slats of 33cms. Assemble them the same way you did in the previous step, but make sure you cut the two 80cm slats after the last 40cm slat.

bathroom storage

Step 4: The top

For this step, you’ll need 4 slats that you will arrange in a 36cm distance, as shown below. Once you’ve assembled them, add the handle on top.

bathroom storage

Step 5: Staining the slats

Now we’re going to coat the surface of the slats with wood stain. Feel free to choose whichever colour you want. We have gone with mahogany.

bathroom storage

Step 6: Final assembly

To join the sides, use square brackets – three pieces for each corner and two for the front.

You should have at least 5 pre cut slats for the bottom now. Turning your storage upside down, position the five slats onto the bottom and attach them. Use caster wheels also if you so desire, fixing them with screws.

bathroom storage

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