How to make a diy wood pallet planter

wood planter

wood planter

After a unique, low cost backyard accessory that you can make yourself? Look no further than this wooden pallet planter!

It’s never a bad idea to introduce a little more greenery or plant life into your backyard, and this planter is a cute way to add some character to a lacking backyard. Best of all, you can do it yourself!


1x beam (~200cms)

1x small beam (~250 x 4 x 2 cms)

2x pallets





Note: measurements are rough and depends on the pallets you have access to





Step 1: Cut down your pallets

wood planter

For this example, we are making two planters. For one, you obviously need to halve the quantities!

One planter requires to pallets each. Dismember the pallet with a crowbar. You should have about nine or 10 planks.

Cut one pallet into two pieces, keeping only two planks attached. Cut another two into three pieces. Cut the small beam into one 1m piece and four 20cm pieces.

Step 2: Cut the legs

wooden planter

From one big beam, cut four legs to a desired size. Our legs are about 50cms long. Make sure the cut is as clean as possible. Remember, these are you legs, which means a wonky cut will mean a wonky planter.

Step 3: Assembly

wooden planter

Begin by fixing the plank between the two onto the base, and fix the legs to the corners with screws. To attach the sides, attach the plank to the small wood on the corner with nails, then the sides. Place the border on the base and nail it in. Then place the geotextile inside, stapling it into place.

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