How to make your own diy wooden doormat


Love diy and looking for a new project to add to the aura of your house? Have a go at making this brilliant looking diy wooden doormat!

This project takes no more than a couple of hours. It’s as easy as they come, and can work great for any house. Maybe you can give it as a gift!

Learn how to make one below.

Note: For our doormat, we’ve used cedar. It looks great and can easily and sturdily take the stomping of feet.


2×2 (we’re using cedar)



Deck stain



Step 1: Sand your wood

Start by sanding your wood. When sanding, make sure you always wear dust, ear and eye protection. It doesn’t have to be as smooth as glass, but keep in mind you may occasionally be standing on it without shoes. The sanding equipment you use does not need to be expensive. You can even hire it from ToolMates Hire if you’re just doing a one off project!


Step 2: Cut the ends 

Cut the boards to make sure they’re all exactly the same length. This should not be difficult as presumably they are all roughly the same length to start with. Use a pencil and draw a line to be completely accurate.


Step 3: Drill holes for the rope

Mark holes with a pencil in the same spot on each piece of wood on either end wherever you would like your rope to go. Again, to be completely accurate, use a ruler and a pencil. Drill a pilot hole to ensure the hole is straight, then drill the final diameter.


Step 4: Stain the wood and tie the doormat together

Not a lot of stain is required for the doormat to come up nice. If you’re going to use a water based stainer, you may need more than one coat. We used a water based stainer, and it took four coats. This should really add some durability to the finish.

To tie ours together, we’re using 1/4″ manila rope. Cut the rope to about 6′ long, and tie a knot in the end of the two pieces. Pull the rope through, and tie another knot as close to the end as possible.


Step 5: Finished product


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