Tool-Adding Process is Now Easier Than Ever!

If you have had any trouble adding a tool in the past, we are confident that this video will be effective in helping you through the new and more efficient process.

We have recently re-designed and simplified the tool-adding process on the desktop AND smartphone browser versions of

For step-by-step instructions, please continue reading:

Step 1: Log-in

Log-in to your profile on

If you haven’t already added your PayPal email address, you will be prompted to do so before you are able to add your first tool. The reason we require this PayPal ID is simply so that we know where to send the money you earn renting-out your tools!

Step 2: Click “Add Tool”

Click the red “Add Tool” button located at the upper right-hand corner of the screen. On your mobile browser, the “Add Tool” button is located within the main drop-down menu in at the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

Step 3: Upload Photo(s)

Once you have reached the “Add Tool” page, you will be able to upload an existing photo, from your phone’s photo library, or from your desktop computer’s hard drive. Additionally, on your mobile phone’s browser, you can choose to take a photo of the tool using the phone’s camera.

Once you have chosen or taken the photo(s) you wish to upload, you will be able to rotate or delete the photo(s) you have uploaded.

Step 4: Fill-in Information to describe your Tool

Next, select the category that best describes the main function of the tool you are adding. You can find and select the category of your choice from the drop-down “Category” menu.

Type-in the most common name of the tool you are adding into the “Tool Name” box. Think of what potential renters will type in the search box when looking for a tool like yours. We advise you to type just the name of the tool, for example “Circular Saw” in the “Tool Name” box, instead of including brand, model, or additional information as you will be given the option to include this information in the “Description” box or under the “Add More Information” drop-menu.

(Optional) Click to expand the “Add More Information” drop-menu, and type-in the “Brand” and “Model” of your tool in the appropriate boxes. Afterwards, you can select the tool’s power source and condition from the respective drop-down menus. (Everything you add within the “Add More Information” drop-menu is optional and does not require an answer in order to successfully add your tool. These options exist to give an interested renter a better idea of the tool’s specifics and will save you time answering these questions in the future to each interested party if they require such information before renting your tool.)

Step 5: Set Your Price

You have the freedom to set the “Rent Per Day” and “Rent Per Week” at whatever price you choose. However, we encourage tool owners to take a look at our ToolMates Hire Tool Price Guide to get an idea of what you might want to rent your tools for.

ToolMates Hire’s key selling points are convenience (the fact that you can rent a tool from your neighbour, or someone nearby as opposed having to go all the way to a conventional hire centre) and fair prices (tool-owners hire-out their tools for “mate’s rates” that most of the time if not always beat the price of renting from a warehouse or hire centre).

Below the Rent/PD and Rent/PW boxes, you have the option to select of “I Would Like To Opt-Into Your Item Guarantee Program” or “I Would Like To Add Bond” or alternately, choose to select neither.

The TMH Item Guarantee Program: For some extra peace of mind, opt into our item guarantee program. Simply select an amount that you would like to cover your item for between $10-$1000. We will replace or repair your item up to the nominated value in the event something goes wrong (terms and conditions apply). If you opt in a bond of 20% of the coverage amount will be automatically set. Extra PayPal fees may occur for international currency conversion.

If you do choose to opt-in to the item guarantee, you will need to enter the estimated overall value of the tool you are adding into the “Cover My Item To The Value Of” box, and we will automatically calculate the “Item Guarantee Fee,” which is the amount that we will deduct from the amount you would make on any rental transaction. We will calculate your final earnings for you (and show you how much will be deducted as the Item Guarantee Fee) in the chart to the right.

Setting a Bond For Your Tool: If you don’t opt into our item guarantee program, you can set a bond for your tool.    It’s up to you on how much you set. Simply select value of your tool between $10-$1000 and a bond of 20% of the value will be automatically set. Extra PayPal fees may occur for international currency conversion. 

If you choose add a bond to your tool, you will be asked to provide the value of the tool in the “Value Of The Tool” box. We will automatically set the bond amount at 20% the total value of your tool and provide you with earnings information in the Profit Calculator chart over to the right.

Press “Next” to continue.

Step 6: Review and Confirm Listing

Please take a minute to review the information and photo(s) you have provided for this tool. Press the “Confirm and List” button to finish the tool-adding process.

(Don’t worry! If you make a mistake, you can go back and edit your tool listing in the “My Tool” section on your profile.)

That was easy!

Just repeat the process for all of the tools you are interested in hiring-out on ToolMates Hire. Remember, you only have to make one trip to your garage to take photos of all of your tools, then you can relax inside on the couch while uploading and describing the individual tools.


Thanks for reading this, & please don’t hesitate to reach-out to us (in the comments or through with any feedback on the tool adding process.

Happy Hiring!





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