ToolMates Hire launch week wrap


What a fantastic launch week it’s been at ToolMates Hire.

After months of developing, testing, fixing, and hard work from everyone at the ToolMates Hire team, we finally saw the spoils of our efforts go live on Monday morning, when we officially launched our website under the domain

Day one yielded an amazing response. In total, through the first 24 hours of going live, we received over 1,700 sessions on our website, and go the first 6 of our 46 total (and counting) week one signups. It should be mentioned that none of these would’ve been possible without the fantastic help of some of our online and social media campaigns and influencers that made mention of us on our launch day – – and, of course our Product Hunter, Ria Blagburn.

Speaking of Product Hunt, we were able to launch a successful campaign on the product sharing website which was, as mentioned, backed by Ria, who posted our website and helped it do well on such an internationally recognised website, receiving 91 upvotes.

Monday involved dividing our attention between both the website and the campaigns we had going on all over the internet, and setting up (as pictured) for the internationally renowned CeBIT computer conference, starting the next day on Tuesday, at the International Convention Centre in Darling Harbour.

CeBIT was a fantastic experience. Not only did we get to talk with hundreds of other startups, but we developed some fantastic contacts and networking opportunities ourselves, talking with people interested in signing up to our platform, and interested in potentially investing also. It was a fantastic week, we received some valuable exposure and feedback. We can’t think of a better place to have launched our new website.

A big ToolMates Hire thank you to all our users, both new and old, to everyone that helped us out with launch week, both online and in real life, thanks to all our influencers who posted about us, and a big thanks especially to Ria Blagburn. Thank you to everyone who came and interacted with us and said hi at CeBIT – if you left your details with us, we’ll be in touch soon.

Thank you to everyone for helping make launch week so successful.

Happy hiring,

-The ToolMates Hire team

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