What to do when the whipper snipper cord runs out!

There are some things in life that are far more annoying than others and running out of what you need to get the job done is just plain annoying – especially when you are doing household jobs and gardening!

It’s Murphy’s Law that just before you are finished or, even worse, when you have just got back from the hardware store, got stuck into the job and realise you can’t finish it because you don’t have the right materials to get the job done.

Rather than throwing in the towel and grabbing a cold drink, there are plenty of ways to get some household items that can cover you when you’re looking to finish off a job in and around the house.

We have all been in a situation where you are smashing metres of grass when suddenly your whipper snipper cord snaps or you just run out before the job is done.

Breaking or running out of your Whipper Snipper cord is just plain annoying and means you need to get out of your dirty outdoor gear to jump in the car, go to the hardware store and get more supplies, which can be a case of the too hard basket.

So, if you ever run out of your Whipper Snipper cord and you are looking for a quick and easy solution to help you avoid a trip to the hardware store here’s a simple way to get the job finished using some basic household items.


  • Plyers with cutting edge


  • Cable ties

Step 1
Remember safety first before you start playing around with your Whipper Snipper

If you are using a power trimmer or a 2-stroke, you need to ensure you are un-plugged, turned off and all safety switches are in place, so you won’t get a nasty shock or cause yourself an injury. Take the time to be safe with all of your electrical items and power tools, otherwise, you could give yourself a nasty accident or cut off something you need!

Step 2
Remove anything off the Whipper Snipper that you don’t need for this process

whipper snipper

Remove the spindle cover, any remaining cord and the spring behind it – keep these somewhere safe, as when you get back to the hardware shop you can reuse these.

Step 3
Clean up your Whipper Snipper!

Ensure you remove all the excess grass, weeds and anything that is caught up on your line trimmer/snipper as this may be affecting your performance.

Weeds and string that you may have unwillingly picked up on your way around the yard that could be creating a drag on your machine, creating more workload than you can handle leading to all sorts of potential problems.

Step 4
Work out suitable cable ties for your new cord

whipper snipper cord

Based on the side and model of your trimmer/snipper, you can select the cable tie with the best width & length. They should be long enough to reach from the spindle (centre) out to the edge of your guard.

A simple tip is to get cable ties slightly too long and cut them back rather than going the other way.

Step 5
Connect your ties

whipper snipper cord whipper snipper cord

Working back to back, connect your ties them, so they create a loop what will go around the centre of your spindle. Ensure you lock them in place the correct way and pull them tight, so they have the maximum amount of length.

With the ends, thread them through the holes on each side and again, pull tight to remove any excess slack.

Step 6
Tidy up and put everything back together

whipper snipper cord

It is important that you put the cover back on securely to lock everything in place and ensure that your line trimmer/wiper snipper is set in place for best performance. With this done, line up the length of the cable tie with your safety guard and using a pair of plyers, cut them back so they sit a few millimetres behind the guard and won’t collect it on the way through.

Step 7
Test, use and improve your Whipper Snipper connection

Not it is time to plug her in, or refuel and give a go. You may find you need to adjust the length if it is catching or if you are chewing through the ties or they are breaking too quickly, then you may need to get thicker ties to suit.

This will save you time, money and endless amounts of frustration in getting your lawn trim and terrific.

There you have it, a quick and easy way to replace your Whipper Snipper cord out of a household item that will help save you a trip to the hardware store.

Don’t forget, it is essential that you always read all the manufacturers instructions for your tools before you carry out maintenance or repairs, and if you are unsure about any step in the process, ask a mate or someone with experience with tools and cutters to give you a hand so that you do all the steps properly.

Once you have fixed your Whipper Snipper you will need to eventually get a new cord, so make sure this quick fix is only a short term solution, and you get the right gear for your next grass cutting session so that the machine works properly and stands the test of time.

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