Sydney’s Tool Rental Price Guide

Sydney’s Tool Rental Price Guide

Sydney-siders in all areas have quickly caught on to the prospect of hiring tools instead of buying them straight-up from tool houses and large companies. If you’re reading this, maybe you have too. Large companies, like the ones we have listed prices on, have set the bar when it comes to rental prices…and often times the prices are not substantially lower than the prices of simply buying the tools.

We went roaming to compile per day (/day) and 7-day (/pw) rental prices on some of your favorite tools. These charts compare the prices of various tools available to rent from conventional hire companies with the prices you could be enting your tools out for on ToolMates Hire.

Hand Tools

Tool name ToolMates suggested price Commercial hire
Sledge Hammer $10pd/$40pw  —
Hand Tool Kit (hammer, hand saw, spanners, etc.) $10pd/$40pw  —
Mattock/Pick $10pd/$40pw  —
Crowbar $5pd/$25pw  —


 Tool name ToolMates suggested price Commercial hire
Small Ladder 2m $20pd/$80pw $52pd/$126pw
Large Ladder >2m $40pd/$140pw $67pd/170pw

Power Tools

Tool name ToolMates suggested price Commercial hire
Demolition Saw $100pd/$450pw $163pd/$711pw
Diamond Saw Blade $60pd/$250pw $96pd/$396pw
Circular Saw $15pd/$40pw $25pd/$53pw
Makita Sander $15pd/$60pw $33pd/$105pw
Jackhammer $50pd/$220pw $101pd/$405pw
Drill Driver Kit $15pd/$50pw  —
Grinder $10pd/$40pw  —


 Tool name ToolMates suggested price Commercial hire
Cage Trailer 2.4m x 1.5m $55pd/$240pw $81pd/$303pw
Hand Trolley $20pd/$75pw  —

Cleaning Tools

 Tool name ToolMates suggested price Commercial hire
Carpet Cleaner $25pd/$110pw $38/pd
Pressure Washer 2000PSI $100pd/$450pw $152pd/$679pw
Pressure Washer >1400PSI $40pd/$130pw  —

Landscaping/Gardening Tools

 Tool name ToolMates suggested price Commercial hire
Lawn/Leaf Blower $40pd/$180pw $67pd/$268pw
Lawn Mower–domestic $25pd/$120pw $47pd/$190pw
Wheelbarrow $20pd/$80pw $37pw/$102pw
Gardening Tool Kit (shovel, garden and leaf rakes, etc.) $20pd/$60pw  —

Please keep in mind that listed prices are subject to change.

With other every-day items, such as with cars for example, the rental option is normally quite cheaper than the option to buy straight-up. Shouldn’t it be that way with tools as well–especially if the tool is only needed for the completion of a short-term job or DIY project?

That very question is part of the reason why we at ToolMates Hire developed this platform which allows users to locate tools for hire in ANY suburb and rent them for a not-so-commercial price.

Now for tool-owners… With ToolMates Hire comes the freedom of being able to rent your tools for any daily, weekly, bond-included or excluded rate. But with that freedom also comes the question of how much is the right rental price for your equipment. Our suggestion is to use the price guide that we compiled to determine how much you should be renting your tools for. Another option is to look at tools already for hire on the site– anything from smaller tools like hand tools for rent to larger tools like trailers for rent–and determine pricing of your own tools according to prices listed by other users.

When hiring-out tools you use more frequently, it is easy to block-out dates where renters will automatically be unable to request the tool from you. Easy, huh?

Happy hiring!

Feel free to visit the about page for more information.

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