How to change ride on mower blades

How to change ride on mower blades

If you are getting around your lawn on a ride-on lawn mower, rather than pushing heavy machinery around your yard – you are one of the lucky ones. But like any motorised tool or machinery, you need to ensure that you a consistently and correctly maintaining your ride on to ensure it’s getting the job done as well as prolong its lifetime.

Ride on mowers can be expensive to repair and service, however, if you ensure you are carrying out regular maintenance you can keep your ride on mower working efficiently and effectively.

Not only will regular maintenance increase the longevity of your machine, but you will get better mileage from your machine, blades and fuel efficiency – so if you have a ride on, take note, and you can save a few dollars in maintenance costs by DIY blade changeovers!

Here are the tools you will need to change the blades of your ride on mower:



  • A new blade to suit your specific make and model of ride on lawn mower
  • WD-40 or another degreaser

Step 1
Keep an eye on your blades

change ride on mower blades change ride on mower blades

Your ride-on lawn mower is an expensive piece of equipment so regular checks should be part of ensuring that you get the most out of your machine. Carefully following your manufacturer’s instructions regarding how to check the blades – or if you don’t have one, ensuring the machine is off of course – look under your machine to review the blades.

If your blades are a little rounded on the blades, these may be ok, and just need a sharpen, but if they are riddled with holes, cracks or are bent, then you need to look at replacing them to get your machine humming.

If you’re not sure, ask a friend that has some experience with a ride on mowers or have a chat with your local lawn mower specialist before you jump into checking your blades.

Step 2
Pick your workspace, so you safely sharpen your blades

change ride on mower blades

Firstly ensure that you are in a safe workspace with a reliable surface, park your ‘noble steed’, lock the breaks, turn off the engine and chock up the wheels, so you are ensured it won’t get away from you when you are working.

Secondly, look for the spark plugs. Once you have found them for additional safety, unplug them to ensure nothing kicks on when you have your hands in the blades! Net you will be setting up the blades so that you can access them a little better.

Step 3
Set up the blade for access – make sure you are safe during the setup

change ride on mower blades

Ensuring that your blades are set on the highest settings, so you get access to it, raise the mower using either a set of ramps – available from auto stores & hardware stores – or use a solid service like a log to allow yourself room to access the blades for work.

We always recommend using the commercially manufactured jacks or ramps as they offer you the greatest safety while working on the ride-on, remembering that your ride on is extremely heavy, so take every precaution possible.

Ask a friend to give you a hand if you think you need a buddy, safety first every step of the way!

Step 4
Get the right tools for the job

change ride on mower blades

If you don’t have the right tools, you will struggle to not only to take off and put back on the bolts, but you may strip thread making things a lot harder as you move along. So the key is to get a ratchet set with a range of fittings.

The best way to select the right fitting for the nut is by testing it before you attach to the ratchet. When you have the right fitting, attach it to your ratchet, and you are ready to get started.

If you don’t have a ratchet set, don’t run out and buy one when you don’t need to, simply visit and hire one from someone in your local area!

Step 5
Get the right blade for the job at your local hardware store or mower shop

change ride on mower blades

Having successfully removed the blade, you now need to take that into the hardware store or mower shop and ensure you are getting the same blade for your ride on mower. If you don’t know ask for advice as you don’t want to get the wrong piece here…it could cost you in the long run.

Always consider quality over cost, as in the long run, you’ll be happy you spent a little bit more on your blade.

Step 6
Get home and install the new blades for your ride on mower

change ride on mower blades change ride on mower blades

Ensure the blade is the right side up – remembering what it looked like when you took it off – spray some degreaser on the bolt before re-securing the blade on the ride-on with the bolt and your ratchet set.

One thing to be sure of is you may have torque specifications on your specific model, so either review your instructions/manual or if you don’t have one, run it past the mower store professional or check Google for more info.

Step 7
Before you get back on the horse, check everything else is in tip-top condition

change ride on mower blades change ride on mower blades

Once you have re-secured your blades to the mower, take a quick look around at the pullies, belts, and other nuts & bolts are secure before you proceed.

Step 8
Get cutting your grass with your shiny new ride on mower blades

With your new blades installed, you are ready to get back into it and start attacking your lawn with the new blades.

Always remember your blades need regular checking, regular review and don’t be too aggressive on the mower, ensure they have a long grass cutting career through some TLC.

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