Here at ToolMates Hire make tool security our top priority.


We go above and beyond to ensure your tools are protected.


A common question we receive is how safe are my Tools? What is to stop someone from damaging my Tool or worse off not coming back with my Tool at all? Well with ToolMates Hire the answer is simple, you can set a Bond on your Tool during the listing process.

When a Renter is processing payment for your Tool they are also pre-authorising the Value you set your Bond at. This means that ToolMates Hire hold the Bond in our PayPal until the Tool is left back in the same condition and we get positive feedback. Otherwise we keep the Bond for up to 29 days until we resolve the issue.


An item guarantee differs from the Bond, with the ToolMates Hire Item Guarantee ToolMates Hire will cover your Tool up to the Value of up to $1,000. So this gives you that extra piece of mind that in the unlikely event your Tool comes back damage or comes back at all, that ToolMates Hire have got you covered.


We use the best technology to ensure your data is secure.


A common question we receive is how safe are my Tools? ToolMates Hire choose PayPal as our prefered payment method as it is the No1 online payment platform. Their outstanding security features across an extensive security network make them one of the safest online payment platforms around. It is because of this ToolMates Hire have chosen PayPal as our main payment platform.


Our website is encrypted by 256-bit encryption provided by RapidSSL which are a subsidiary of GeoTrust, a highly trusted, internationally recognised certificate authority. So you can be sure that all your personal data is encrypted and secure.